Thumbtack Hire pros for home repair, events & more 125.0

Thumbtack Hire pros for home repair, events & more 125.0

Hire local professionals for any project on your to-do list with Thumbtack. Get prices, read reviews, message pros and hire local pros directly with the app.

Hire pros the easy way. Instead of spending hours researching professionals and calling around, Thumbtack will find professionals for you. Book painters, roofers, photographers, and much more.

Thumbtack makes it easy to find local professionals for any project. Whether you need help with home improvement, professional house cleaning, or wedding planning, hire all the local pros you need in one app

• Find local professionals and select the services you need (choose from wedding planning, house cleaning, home repair, events, painters, roofers, flooring professionals and many more).
• We’ll show you a list of available pros in your area so you can hire professionals that are right for you.
• See cost estimates from local pros and get detailed business information.
• Use the app to compare prices, read reviews and hire professionals whose skills best match your needs. Whether you need a handyman, contractor, home design expert, DJ, makeup artist or party planner. Even a cleaning crew to deal with the aftermath of said-party.

Hire local pros the easy way. Once you’ve found the right handyman, wedding planner or home improvement pro, Thumbtack makes it easy to privately message them, right in the app.

Need professionals to help you with home improvement? Need some reliable roofers and painters? Looking for excellent house cleaning? A showstopping events planner? With almost 1,000 different types of local services on Thumbtack, you'll be able to find professionals for all of your projects.

Find professionals in the following areas:

• Home improvement & home repair: Cleaning crews, painters, roofers, flooring experts and many more!
• Wedding: Officiants to photographers to wedding planning services
• Events: Caterers to makeup artists
• Photography: Commercial to wedding photographers
• Business: Data entry to logo design specialists
• Design & web: Engineering to animation
• Pets: Dog walkers to pet care
• Lessons: Yoga instructors to math tutors
• Crafts: Custom jewelry artists to songwriters
• Estate Planning
• Personal: Life coaches to wardrobe consultants
• Repair & tech support: Equipment repair to data recovery specialists
• Writing, translation & transcription: Editors to content copywriters

Thumbtack saves you time by searching through hundreds of profiles so you can find local professionals that work for you. From a handyman to a wedding planner, with Thumbtack you can hire professionals for pretty much anything.

From wedding planning to house cleaning, home repair to a handyman, download Thumbtack and hire local pros today.

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