Snapp 5.9.0

Snapp 5.9.0

Snapp! is the largest ride-hailing app in the Middle East and a supper app with diverse services. From your smartphone, with just a few clicks, you can simply get a ride, order food, recharge your number, reserve a hotel room or use other Snapp! Services.

Snapp! is currently active 24/7 in more than 100 cities of Iran.

Snapp! services:
– Snapp!: The ride-hailing service with two main ride categories. 1. Snapp! Eco: The most cost-efficient and quickest Snapp! service; and 2. Snapp! Rose: Rides for ladies and families. All drivers in this service are ladies.
– Snapp! Box: Transport your parcels and documents easily and swiftly with Snapp! Box couriers.
– Snapp! Bike: Special service for transporting Snapp! passengers with Snapp! Bike couriers.

Using Snapp! is simple:
1. Select your location and destination on the map.
2. View the trip price beforehand and touch “Request ride”.
3. The nearest Snapp! driver will pick you up.

Snapp! Benefits
– Pay by cash or credit
– Select a “second destination” during or before your trip
– Select “return trip” with the same ride
– Monitor your trip route live
– Share your trip info and route with friends and family
– Rate the drivers after your trip
– Various discounts and offers
– 24/7 call center support even on holidays

:فعال سازی سرویس اسنپ کلاب
نمایش امتیاز اسنپ کلاب در صفحه اول برنامه
دریافت امتیاز از طریق انجام تراکنش در سرویس خودرو، شارژ و بسته اینترنت
امکان دسترسی به اسنپ کلاب و دریافت جوایز متعدد

امکان خرید شارژ از طریق کیف پول، بدون نیاز به رمز دوم

Snapp Club service:
Show earned points in first page
Earn points by using Cab, charge card and internet package services
Capability to access Snapp Club and redeem numerous rewards

Capability to buy Sim charge through your wallet, without PIN2

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