SFTP plugin to Ghost Commander 1.15

SFTP plugin to Ghost Commander 1.15

A plug-in to the “Ghost Commander file manager” application. It will allow you to access a remote file system over SSH (also referenced as SFTP).

It does not work without Ghost Commander application! Install the main app before attempting to download and install this plugin.

To use this plugin, launch Ghost Commander, then navigate to 'Menu > Location > Home > SFTP'. Enter your server name and credentials, then tap the 'Connect' button.

To connect using the key-file authentication please add your private key using the Keys manager. To access it, tap and hold on the SFTP item in the app's home: list
and choose Settings->Keys manager

If you have any issues, see sites.google.com/site/ghostcommander1/faq. If the issue remains, please email the developer.

Please email the developer if you have any questions.

Private keys are no longer to be read from /sdcard/.GhostCommander/keys
They have to be added to the app by the new Keys Manager.
(tap and hold on the SFTP item in the app's home: list then choose Settings->Keys manager)
On the first run all they will be automatically copied from the old location to the internal one.
If a private key has an invalid format, that shown in the key's description.
The user can now choose the site's fingerprint hash type (MD5 or SHA256) to display.

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