Nova Poshta 5.93.2

Manage, track the way, make out and pay parcels of “Nova Posta” through the mobile application. Save time in departments.
Registration in the application automatically adds to the loyalty program: identification without documents; cashback to the bonus account and calculation of bonuses for future parcels; additional storage days in the office.

Functionality of the Nova Post application:

✓ Receive notifications of the parcels in your name, they will automatically be added to the section “My shipments”
✓ Tracking: Track the parcel by the waybill number
✓ Create packages
✓ Pay the delivery of the parcel
✓ Order a one-touch return: without calls and written applications
✓ Redirect the parcel to another branch or address
✓ Create a shipment with a return payment to a bank card
✓ Calculate the cost and delivery time
✓ Call the courier

✓ the current catalog of all Nova Post offices on the list and on the map
✓ Selection of a branch at the current location within a radius of 1 km, 3 km or 10 km
✓ office hours
✓ list of additional services of each branch

Follow the company's news in the app: new and / or updated services and services, opening branches and other important information about the company. The application is available in Russian and Ukrainian

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