DJI Ronin 1.2.7

DJI Ronin 1.2.7

DJI Ronin App

Main Features:

Real-time Parameter Adjustments
Support for Bluetooth 4.0
Support for DJI Ronin2

DJI Ronin2 Features:

Gimbal Settings: Motor, SmoothTrack,Remote Control
Gimbal Status Monitoring
Gimbal Advanced Control

Ronin-S and Ronin-SC:
1.Adds wireless gimbal control using Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox gaming controllers.((Android 9.0 or later required)
2.Optimizes ActiveTrack to support Hyperlapse.
3.Adds onscreen prompts for joystick calibration.
Ronin S:
1. Introduces Advanced Calibration for realigning the gimbal.
2. Adds a switch for disabling gimbal portrait mode.
General: Supports allowing users to use basic Ronin app functions when not logged in to their official account.

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