Backblaze 5.0 Release

Backblaze 5.0 Release

Backblaze Mobile for Android is a free app to view, download, and share any files that you have backed up to your Backblaze Online Backup account. Access files from all your backed up computers even if they are offline or turned off.

Access all files backed up to Backblaze
Search for specific files and download them to your Android device
Share files via text, email, etc.
Backblaze Mobile is a companion app for Backblaze Online Backup, an award-winning automatic online backup service that backs up unlimited data for just $5/month. Try Backblaze Online Backup free on your Mac or PC by visiting

Backblaze Online Backup:
* Over 100,000,000 GB of data backed
* Customers in 175 countries
* #1 online backup service by
* Best Cloud Storage & Back Up Solution by SIIA

B2 Support! You can now access your B2 buckets and download them to your mobile device.
Keep track of ALL your Backblaze files and access them on the go.
Enhancements to the Preview-pane for larger devices.
And as always, we've made performance improvements and bug fixes!

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