Argent – DeFi in a tap 1.3.1611

Argent – DeFi in a tap 1.3.1611

The most simple and secure smart wallet for crypto. Earn interest, invest and borrow. All in a tap.

Beautiful design. Bulletproof security. A breakthrough for crypto.

Here's more on why Argent's unique:

The easiest way to explore DeFi and Ethereum Dapps like Maker, Compound and Uniswap. Exchange over 60 ERC20 tokens in-app.

Enjoy unprecedented protection: auto block large transfers, lock & unlock your wallet, and recover without a seed phrase. Simply regain access using trusted friends, MetaMask, Ledger or Trezor.

Only you can access your assets. Not us. Not anyone else. Non-custodial crypto as it should be.

Buy crypto with Apple Pay and debit card. Smoothly set up your account with no seed, no gas and no long address. In short, no nonsense.

We've been busy improving WalletConnect and fixing bugs. We've also introduced a small minimum investment size to help mitigate network congestion.

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