App Ops – Permission manager 4.1.0.r1109.d29ee09c

App Ops – Permission manager 4.1.0.r1109.d29ee09c

If your device is rooted, you can use this app directly.
If not rooted, you can use this app by adb (Android Debug Bridge), but this requires the computer connection and a little bit troublesome setup steps, please read the description below before download.

Support non-rooted devices (requires adb)
Support multi-user and work profile

About non-root usage:
Non-root usage requires another app called Shizuku (, the full setup steps are in the description of that app.

About Storage permission on 6.0:
App Ops use a library called Font Provider ( which provides missing CJK language font, and due to API limit, on 6.0, storage permission is a must.

About stand-alone pro version (before 2018):
Stand-alone pro version ( is deprecated after Nov 2018. If you have purchased please send your order id (start with “GPA.”, found in the email from Google Play or to [email protected] and we will send you the redeem code free version.

Due to word limit, please view changelog from

Pure root mode is removed from v4.0.0. It could be a pain for some users, but overall it is an improvement. We hope you to read the reasons first (in the changelog).

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