Another Widget 2.0.5

Another Widget 2.0.5

Another Widget v2 is here!
The application has been entirely rewritten in its every piece of code to improve the performances and fix every problem you found out in these years. Thanks to all of you that have supported me.


Another Widget intelligently summarizes the information you need most.
Watch the next events, the weather, and the information you want in an intuitive and elegant way. (Nope, reminders cannot be displayed because it's not allowed.)

While respecting the design of the application, there is a great opportunity to customize the information displayed and widget components.
Also, as much as possible, there are always updates and new features in the short run.

This project is open source, feel free to help.

Added text color alpha
Added a widget background (transparent by default)
Added TabLayout badges when there's a warning
Added AM/PM indicator for the 12h hour format clock
Removed the leading zero for the 12h format clock

Fixed the events and the weather update
Update the color picker UI
Moved the application settings in a different fragment

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